Joining Online Biomass Trading Platform & Fees

As a TRADERSbiomass Market Member, you join a steadily growing community of international biomass producers, consumers and traders.

Our trading platform is a quick, efficient and anonymous route to global biomass markets. But there are many more benefits to TRADERSbiomass Market Membership.

Joining TRADERSbiomass as a Market Member couldn’t be easier. Simply follow the 5 steps below to join the world’s largest online biomass trading community.

Five step to join TRADERSbiomass

1. Fill-in your simple application form and be approved as a potential member candidate.

2. Documentation
Download the membership pack, sign and return to Tradersbiomass.

3. Set up your account
Assign Trader and View-only accounts to your team members via the Tradersbiomass Market Member portal.

4. Select and register counterparties
Select and register counterparties that you want to trade with from registered member’s company profile and product profile.

5. Start trading
Access to platform and post your deals or start trading.

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Fees and further information

Brokerage commission rates for cargoes transacted on the TRADERSbiomass platform are as follows:

Physical biomass (Pellets, wood chips, PKS, Torrefied Pellets, etc.)
1 % of the Transaction Value payable by Sellers

Our growing community of Market Members spans the globe. It is a diverse and rich network of the world’s most eminent biomass consumers, producers and traders.