Merger & Acquisition

Investment and M&A Advisory services

TRADERSbiomass’ Merger & Acquisition service is uniquely positioned to provide only biomass industry players with Merger & Acquisition service to facilitate and materialize clients’ specialized demands on fund raising, investment, acquisition, joint venture and Merger & Acquisition.

Our expected clients are categorized from wood pellet mills, power plants, plantation companies, trading companies to financial advisors, institutional equity investors and project finance providers in renewable energy space.

TRADERSbiomass’ Merger & Acquisition Advantages

  1. We can find out most appropriate potential buyers and sellers for your Merger & Acquisition needs from our biomass focused trading clients pool who use our online trading platform as a Market Members.

  2. We also leverage our Merger & Acquisition platform for the search of potential buyers and sellers using our matching algorism along with our advisor’s in-depth analytical expertise.

  3. TRADERSbiomass’ experienced advisors will help your deal ideas materialized, structured, marketed, negotiated and completed leveraging our global M&A advisory network and M&A deal expertise.

How it works?

It is quick on-boarding process by filling up a simple member registration form or by connecting your existing LinkedIn account. Our registered users of online trading platform are allowed to use our Merger & Acquisition platform without walking through another member registration procedure.

There is no annual membership fee required in order to use our M&A platform, but our advisory services and fee will be discussed with our clients on a deal by deal basis.

Post your deals through our easy to use platform by selecting your needs as investors, acquirers, lenders, capital seekers, sellers and project finance seekers. Then, it enables us to understand your deal better and find you the most suitable counter-parties and deal structure.

Leveraging our largest pool of buyers and sellers of our online biomass trading platform and registered members of our Merger & Acquisition platform solely focusing on biomass projects, we will find out best matching deals and counter-parties with the help of our experienced advisors and captive matching algorism of our M&A platform.

We propose our clients suitable deal structure and best matching counter-parties. If clients would like to proceed with our proposal, our clients sign on advisory service agreement with us and proceed deals.

With the help of our experienced Merger & Acquisition team and deal management system, our clients are expected to close deals with highest deal certainty.

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