Project Development Arrangement:

TRADERSbiomass’ Project Development Arrangement Service is a custom-made formation of Industry players at different levels like Pellet plant promoters/ BioCoal tech companies, EPC Vendors, Off-Takers, Feedstock Suppliers, Banks and Infra Funds. These consortium members can be minority / majority investors for each project.

To form a Consortium for specific needs of clients, TRADERSpower has its own Biomass Exchange platform (ETS) and can leverage our affiliated global financial advisory networks to find out right investors, off-takers, feedstock suppliers and EPC vendors with the support of 750+ professionals in 47 countries.

*Most of the biomass producers like to make long-term off-take contracts for 50 -70% of their production capability. However, due to the facts that banks may raise a concern about liquidity of remaining 50 – 30% of their production volumes and possible future fluctuation of feedstock procurement price, how the producer would sell the remaining quantity reliably and efficiently will be a key question. So, our online Biomass Exchange platform is the solution for our clients to trade on remaining quantity more efficiently. On top of that, we also assist in off-take arrangement and bespoke brokerage services. So that our clients could expect full liquidity of their products from our support.

Project Execution Capability as An Arranger:

Our team is composed of experienced professionals whose expertise can help in Project Development seamlessly in all the needed value-chain of the biomass industry.
Hence, as a Market Maker and Arranger for clients’ biomass projects, we provide following services in Asia as well as non-Asian countries subject to clients’ request and approval:

1. Originating potential project idea or projects in each local market.
2. Equity and Debt fund raising at your company level as well as each project level.
3. Seeking off-takers and arranging off-take agreement as well as investment agreement.
4. Seeking appropriate EPC vendor and arranging EPC agreement
5. Seeking local feedstock suppliers and arranging feedstock supply agreement
6. Providing online biomass trading platform for your spot trading needs

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