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As a TRADERSbiomass Market Member, you can join a global community of international suppliers, buyers and traders of biomass.

Our electronic trading platform is a real-time, efficient and anonymous gateway to global biomass market. TRADERSbiomass Market Membership is an invaluable tool for global traders of biomass to gain market insight and complete transactions in most efficient way.

What biomass products can you trade?

White Pellets / Wood Chips / PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) / Biocoal

Physical contracts for the world’s major biomass trading destinations, including North America, East Europe, South East Europe, South East Asia, South America, Central America, North Europe, Oceania, South Asia, Mediterranean, East Asia, Central Asia, Central Europe, North West Europe, West Europe, East Africa, Rest of Africa and  Middle East.

Our trading platform covers standard white pellets including DINPlus, ENplus-A1, ENplus-A2, EN-B, Industrial (I1), Industrial (I2), Industrial (I3), PFI Premium, PFI Standard, PFI Utility, JPA, JIA as well as non-standard White Pellets, wood chips, PKS (Palm Kernel Shell) and Biocoal.
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Benefits of TRADERSbiomass Market Membership

1. Efficient Gateway to Global Biomass Market TRADERSbiomass trading platform provides real-time, efficient access to the world’s most comprehensive suite of standard physical biomass contracts.
2. Access transparent Prices in Real-time Price and volume of all bids,offers and trades are communicated in real-time to market members, giving you invaluable insight into most updated market conditions.
3. Participate in Shaping Our Standard Contract, SBTA Market members are invited to participate in the revision process for our Standard Biomass Trading Agreement, SBTA. As a result, SBTA is updated as per the market needs all the time.
4. Participate in the Formation of Index Prices TRADERSbiomass indices are calculated from actual bids,offers and trades posted on our platform. By actively participating in the market, you play a role in determining index prices.
5. Hands-on Support by Our Brokers TRADERSbiomass experienced team of international biomass market provides hands-on support to trading activity and help facilitate trades.

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